Stykite - Why we exist to solve your subscription & recurring billing globally

published on 12 December 2022

3 years ago I was scaling a SaaS business and also launching a 3 sided marketplace, at the same time. While marketplace was going 0 to 1, the SaaS already had good traction and we were starting to run in to scalability issues.

These issues were primarily around billing cycles, calculation of about, generating invoices and then manually accepting payments from our customers. This was a huge issue operationally. We started to look for help outside who could help us streamline this. After speaking to at least 3 subscription/recurring-billing providers we knew nothing was working for us. The primary challenges were:

1) High time to implement.

2) Some were just too complex for us. We needed something more simpler.

That's where I knew there was a gap in the market. Plus, the moment you bring in cross-border, taxation etc aspect to the equation, things were super complex.

Stykite's mission is to solve exactly that. We're building a product that solves your subscription & recurring billing management with a low code integration & platform. And that, behind the scenes, integrates with our Tax and Compliance engine. Combined, you could be anywhere in the world, but launch your product in USA, or other countries. We will enable subscription, run the taxes, enable payments, risk and more. We will then reconcile the money and send in to your bank account. At your end, you just keep building your cool product. We take care of the rest. Even things like Freemium & Premium flows comes out of the box.

Stykite's easy to use plan builder
Stykite's easy to use plan builder

We're in the process of building our Beta right now. Reach out to us and we'll help you scale your SaaS product in USA and Globally.