Who We Are




for SaaS

At Stykite, we believe in the power of unlocking growth.

More than just subscription management

Our full-stack approach solves for your customer's experience, payments, sales tax compliance and subscription.

End user first

You end customers need an easy to use experience such as payments, pricing, plans etc. Our widgets & workflows are designed to the best of UX standards.

Growth Strategy

Designed strategy growth in mind results in supporting you to expand your GTM that isn't possible by traditional methods of scaling.

Tools built for SaaS

We are hyper focused for SaaS, as category. You won't have to deal with product complexities with tool that are too broad for your use case.

Excellent Customer Service

We're not #no 1. That's why we try harder. And our success is directly tied to your success.

Our journey

We're a team that brings diverse skill-set on the table. Product, Operations, Payments & Software Engineering.

We faced the same problem. Launching our product to a new geography turned out to be a bigger pain.


3 years later, we were still not happy with solutions in the market. We pull the trigger on solving this problem for the world.

Aug 2022

The team comes together to solve this. We've known each other for over a decade now and we craft our product & solution architecture.

Oct 2022

We start the development process in all areas. Product, Geographical Operations, Technology and Payments Stack.

Jan 2023

We're now Live and working with our early cohort of customers. Helping them enable PLG & SLG growth motions. And launch in US, Canada, Germany, India and more.

Dec 2023

We're chosen in the Techstars New York City Accelerator 2024.

March 2024

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